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Introducing “Bluestem Utilities”

Jun 03, 2024

In April, Corix Utilities merged its water and wastewater operations with SouthWest Water, forming the Nexus Water Group. Together, we now serve over 1.3 million people in communities like yours across North America.

As part of this transition, our Canadian water and wastewater services will undergo a change of name, to become “Bluestem Utilities”. 


Our new name was inspired by Bluestem Grass — a variety of wild grass found throughout British Columbia and Alberta. Wild grasses are ecologically important, and Bluestem especially so, as it is fast growing and resistant to drought and wildfire. Bluestem is often planted as an ornamental grass for its distinctive, tall, blue-green coloured stem.

We chose the Bluestem name because it reflects one of our Core Values — Environmental Stewardship — and alludes to the essential place water has in all our lives.

And though our name and look may have changed, the utility services we provide have not. There are only a few things to make note of with regards to payments and staying in touch with us.

Name changes for bill payments

For customers paying by cheque, please use the new Bluestem Utilities remittance information included on your next utility bill.

For online banking customers, banks will be updating their records over the coming months, so you may continue to see our previous names under payee options until this is done.

   Previous Name  New Name
British Columbia Corix Utilities Inc. Bluestem Utilities ULC
  Corix Multi-Utility Services Inc. Bluestem Multi-Utility Services ULC

Alberta  Corix Utilities (Foothills Water) Inc. Bluestem Utilities (Foothills Water) Inc.

Staying in touch with us

My Utility Account

Corix Connect logo drop shadow 300x300You may notice the name of our online customer service portal has changed, and will now be known as My Utility Account.


Your community’s website can now be found at

Customer Care

Should you have any questions about this change, or any aspect of your utility services, please contact us at our new email address Our phone numbers remain the same.

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