Bulk Water Sales

Bluestem Utilities provides bulk, raw water for irrigation purposes. The Bulk Water Station is located at 411 Pine Creek Road, DeWinton. To apply for a Bulk Water Account, please contact Customer Care and complete a Credit Application.

Explanation of Charges

For each month the Bulk Water Service is used, you’ll receive a statement that includes both a Service Fee and a Consumption Charge. The Consumption Charge is calculated on the amount of water you withdraw. When there is no Consumption Charge, no Service Fee is charged.

Consumption Fee
The current Bulk Water Rate is $3.12/m3 (1,000 L or 220 gallons)

Service Fee
A Service Fee of $12 is billed each month the Service is used. This charge is over and above the application fee of $25.

Key Fobs
There is a $20 fee per key fob when the fob is issued. This fee is non-refundable upon the return of the key fob. Bluestem Utilities is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged fobs.

Security Deposit
A one-time security deposit of $100 will be charged on new accounts. If your account remains in good standing for 12 months, the deposit will be refunded on the 13th month.

Accounts must be paid in full by the due date, approximately 30 days from the billing date. Delinquent accounts can result in the cancellation of key fob privileges. A refundable security deposit may also be required if accounts are not paid on time.

Vehicle Approved Air Gap (AAG)

Our Pine Creek Road Bulk Water Station is equipped with an 80 mm (3”) camlock adaptor end (male). To use the Station, your vehicle must have an 80mm (3”) camlock (female), and a large hose.

Your vehicle's piping and tank must meet approved air gap (AAG) standards. This prevents contamination of the public water supply. Please follow these steps to prepare your vehicle and obtain a key fob:

  1. The air gap between the end of the vehicle's fill pipe outlet and the tank must be at least two times the diameter of the pipe.
  2. The piping that conveys water to the tank must be exposed rigid piping that is permanently attached to the vehicle, tank or mounting supports and fitted with a camlock adaptor, coupler end.
  3. Contact Bluestem Utilities Operations to schedule a vehicle inspection. Once your vehicle has passed inspection, your key fob will be issued and activated within one business day.

Bluestem Utilities Operations
2 Heritage Pointe Drive 
De Winton, AB T0L 0X0 
Phone: 403-371-6988

Failure to meet AAG standards will result in prosecution under the Water Utility Bylaw 40M2006/41M2006 and cancellation of privileges.

Procedures for Withdrawing Water

Once your Bulk Water Account has been approved, your truck inspected by a Bluestem Utilities Operator and your key fob activated, you can withdraw water from the Bulk Water Station.

Please follow these steps carefully to ensure your safety and that of others using this service.

  1. Turn your vehicle engine OFF when filling your tank.
  2. Ensure the valve selector switch is in the OFF position. 
  3. Place your key fob briefly on the reader plate to match the decals. 
  4. When ENTER VOLUME appears, enter the required load volume in LITRES, then press the ENTER button to confirm. 
  5. Once the required volume has been reached, the station will automatically stop filling. If filling needs to be stopped before filling is complete, turn the selector switch to OFF.
  6. If you experience any problems with the Computrol unit, please contact the Bluestem Utilities office at 403-371-6988.

Volume Conversion

To convert to litres, multiply the volume of your tank in imperial gallons by 4.54.

Common Tank  Sizes

 Imperial Gallons Litres Cubic Metres
100 454 0.454
200 908 0.908
300 1,362 1.362
500 2,272 2.272
1,000 4,540 4.540
1,500 6,810 6.810
3,000 13,620 13.620
3,500 15,890 15.890

1,000 litres = 1 cubic metre
220.26 gallons = 1 cubic metre